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For your convenience, the grading certificate from GIA can be downloaded at this link. With a quick search at James Allen , I managed to find a well-cut diamond with similar color and clarity at significantly lower prices. At James Allen, I selected a ring setting with 0. You are far better off when shopping at a vendor who specializes in selling jewelry.

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Be Careful Here. I had never heard of the Anchor Cert gemological lab before and if Costco is using them to certify their diamonds, I would be wary.

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I have no love for other gemological labs other than GIA and AGS because these are the 2 labs that grade diamonds to the highest standards. What can you tell me about this 1 carat diamond ring with a radiant cut with It seems to be cheaper than anywhere else I looked and it is certified by IGI. Also, download our free ebook by signing up to Beyond4cs. I found another pair of certified princess cut yellow gold studs on eBay with a Costco Wholesale appraisal form for a very great price. What the jeweler say about grading reports for small diamonds is true.

This is one of the rare scenarios where you can go ahead to make purchases without certification if they are small ticket items. If the princess cut diamonds are larger than 0. You need to look out for grading reports for each diamond. Can you tell me what you think about this particular costco 2 carat diamond ring listing? Other 2 carat engagement rings I seen in Zales and Jared cost a lot more. I hope you can get back to me soon because I need a ring urgently. I would say that the ring you are looking is priced fairly. If you are really interested in the diamond, get an ASET scope and check out the cut quality of the diamond before buying.

I think the wedding bands offered by Costco are decent. I am looking at a 1. It comes in a set as with a wedding band. Both setting and band also have small diamonds, and are set in platinum. Has all certificates…. Secondly, for estate sales, it is best to work with a reliable appraisal who can offer you a better idea of value as well as services to check out the current conditions of the piece. I am in the process of engagement ring shopping and was hoping you could help me out. I really like and was about to buy this ring, but I came across your article. Do you know where I could find a similar ring for a better price?

The link below is to the ring I am talking about. There are many other places that offer better terms and policies compared to Costco. I bet you work by ripping people off at the traditional stores. I just feel that there are many other places who can offer better prices and quality to the readers. In fact, I had mentioned that it is possible to find well-cut diamonds at Costco. However, that involves doing a lot of legwork and being somewhat knowledgeable in the selection process. Secondly, I do like to hear about success stories from readers. Would you like to share details about your purchase and how your Costco shopping experience with the rest of our readers?

So, your assumption that we work to rip off people in jewelry stores is wrong. Having read some of the comments on this thread, all I can say is buyer beware. Hi Paul, I just read your article and was wondering if you have a list of where to buy loose diamonds? Preferably in the Seattle area or Portland area? Hopefully, reputable ones also? Hi Paul, What do you think about round modified brilliant stones? They seem to have excellent light performance, but no cut grading in the Gia report. Is this stone one that should be considered if it has great aset and ideal scope images?

The modified brilliant cuts are a mixed bag. I know many vendors tout their own brand of signature diamond cuts and that they offer better sparkle. That said, there are certain types of modified rounds that appeal to me in the market. On the other hand, the Leo diamond is one of the modified round brilliant cuts that I recommend readers to give a miss. Makes me wonder if you actually know what you are talking about? You will know this if you bothered to read through the entire review. The jeweler showed me a facsimile of the GIA report. Should I insist on seeing the original report? Also, if the Additional Grading Information section indicates:.

A facsimile of the GIA report is fine. The more important question is, do you have more concrete information of the diamond before committing to any deposits or purchase? The GIA report number should be inscribed on the diamond and the jeweler should give you the original report during the purchase. What kind of ratings should I be looking out for when buying a diamond ring from Costco? Cushion Cut 1. Is costco a good place to buy loose diamonds and engagement rings? Is this a good value for the ring or is there any other place you think that can beat this?

Costco Engagement Rings Review – Are They Really Cheaper?

It could be an awesome diamond or a dud. Hi Paul, Just came across your website as I continue to educate myself on gemstones. I found your article on Costco interesting to read. In addition, if your looking online, skip looking on there. Call the help line at They actually pull online inventory and as well as any inventory a store has. Last resort, they can communicate with the diamond buyers from what I understand. Now, this is unconfirmed but I believe every ring with a solitaire over 1. FYI, the cost to grade a 0.

And I quote the reply from the email I received when I requested to see a scanned copy of the IGI appraisal document for the ring:.

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The reason is because this is a stock item meaning that we have more than 1 available under this item and the IGIs are unique to each ring. This is really excellent information! Any opinion about the credibility of Blue Nile or Brillance? Hello — you mention not using the appraisal report for insurance purposes because we would end up over paying for the insurance premium. I agree, the appraisal amount listed on my report was a lot higher than expected, however the insurance company requires it to insure the ring.

What else would we use to insure the ring, so not to overpay? Thank you! It depends on the type of insurance coverage you intend to get. I am a long time member of Costco and a student of Gemology. It has always been a hobby of mine. Will you get the cheapest stone at Costco? Will you get the most expensive stone at Costco. Since they claim to be a wholesale outfit should their prices be lower? Would I purchase from them? Because what they say you are getting is actually what you are getting. This is rare in the jewelry business. Very rare!

Also, return policy is HUGE when making such a major purchase. Just ask someone who has spent thousands and tried to make a return at a regular jewelry store. They will give you pennies on the dollar and that is no fun! That said, never buy anything without an appraisal from a well known independent lab. Never buy anything from a jeweler who only gives you an appraisal from themselves.

That does not make them honest or mean they have the proper equipment to give you a fair appraisal. You can send your stuff into GIA yourself. Check their website. It is not that expensive or time consuming. Just think about how long it took you to earn the money you are spending in comparison? Well said. There are some points that I do not necessarily agree with. Also, diamond pricing is a tricky issue.

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Paul, I have been in the market for an engagement ring for some time now. Looking at local retailers, national retailers, and even looking online, I really feel at a loss. There is so much to this, and I really want to get a great ring for the money. Would I be better off buying online and just piecing together a ring versus buying one through costco?

Thanks in advance for a clueless shopper. As I mentioned earlier, if you are making a big ticket diamond purchase at Costco, do ensure that it comes with a GIA report. Buying online enables you to cherry pick the best diamond and you get exactly what you see. It gives you full control and enables you to cherry pick your stone.

Our requirements were between 1 — 1. I was able to request which stones be shipped to my local Costco store to look at and have appraised. So yes, if you did not do due diligence, then yes, I would not recommend Costco. However, if you do your research before purchase, my experience is Costco can save you a bundle on a quality stone.

What do you think of Zoara online diamonds?

Pricewise, Zoara is pretty much on par. I purchased a rather stunning engagement ring at Costco for approx. I called the team in their Seattle Office and they sent me several GIA certificates to review, based on the ring I was looking for. Great to hear about your success story. The potential pitfall based on what you described is that you had nothing more than a piece of paper to make decisions from.

We were already big Costco fans, since we live in Kirkland and know people who work there. Their reputation in the community is excellent, of course. But both of us having been married before and having purchased diamond rings before, we felt well-informed and were cautiously optimistic. I would have had to settle for much smaller diamonds for the same budget in all the places we looked, including online.

Luckily, Costco has an excellent return policy and we know a local jeweler who we trust, so we were confident we could return the rings if the quality was not as advertised on the summation of appraisal document that Costco provided. Our jeweler was very impressed! He could not believe that we had purchased the rings from Costco. He was impressed with the cut, as they have major sparkle! The rings were only available in a size 7, so he sized them down for me to a 6. However, we are completely satisfied with Costco, and thrilled with my rings.

Hi Paul and everyone else here with decent comments.

Costco Engagement Rings Review – Are They Really Cheaper?

Thank you kindly for your inputs. I have only 1 question. Is it better to buy a premade ring from shops including a dealer or get a jeweler to custom make for you?? Better in terms of bang for buck. Should I source ring straight from Africa and get it made by a local jeweler? Or second hand? Either way could work. I would say it is unlikely for you to find diamonds that are cut to high levels of light performance and precision in your country though. I found a princess cut ring with 1 carat center stone and 1 carat accented on the band for 6k at Costco.

I understand from reading you would not buy a cut less than excellent but keeping in mind that some peoples standards are not as strict as yours, is this a good value? You better do your research and read up again. You said you would never buy very good cut diamonds then you responded to me with something completely off base.

Not sure if I value your opinion anymore. Here is a quote from your previous post:. For round diamonds, a Very Good cut is basically telling you to stone is mediocre. You can choose to trust whatever the vendor tells you or claims about the stone. I was right on the verge of purchasing a diamond ring from Costco, but had a nagging feeling I would be making a mistake.

So happy I found this article. White Flash is right down the street from me in Houston. Although we know and love Costco warehouses for their bulk bargains, not all categories at Costco require plus-sized buys. Think jeans, mattresses and wine, which can be purchased individually. Cruises are the same. You won't need to book multiple cabins or cruises in bulk to score these deals.

Costco Travel does not sell every cruise line, but it does handle all of the largest brands, including Carnival. There's no hard sell phone reps are not on commission , cruise cancellations are handled efficiently and without hassle, and the invoicing is clear and easy to read. But the savings on a typical cruise booking for two will usually cover that annual fee. Meanwhile, discounts on more expensive cruises or multiple cabins can amount to hundreds of dollars. Another member, RSF Cruiser , has booked about two Princess cruises a year for the past five years and has been "totally pleased.

You also get any specials Princess is running, like included gratuities or all-inclusive beverage packages. Because the cruise industry aims to enforce pricing parity across all booking channels, discounts don't usually appear in the upfront cruise fare. Instead, you'll see discounts in the form of extra perks.

Common types of booking incentives include free beverage packages, specialty dining and shipboard credits -- a rebate that shows up as a credit to your onboard bill at the start of your cruise and can be used for drinks, specialty dining, spa treatments or shore excursions.

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  • Costco offers these benefits to their customers on select cruises; executive-level Costco members usually receive even greater credits. There's no rebate form to fill out; the cash card arrives in the mail two to four weeks after your cruise, to be used at Costco's warehouses or for online orders.

    While the disadvantage of a cash card over a shipboard credit is that Costco hangs onto your rebate for a month longer, the payoff is usually greater. And, as anyone who regularly shops at Costco knows, it doesn't take long to blow through a few hundred dollars in gas fill-ups alone.

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    It's worth digging a little deeper on the Costco Travel website for even better deals. For instance, sailings marked "Buyer's Choice" or "Kirkland Signature" come with extra perks and amenities, exclusive to Costco members. They often have a loose theme, such as "food, family and fun.

    That's what Andrew Ostrander, who cruises several times a year, discovered as he was shopping for a Baltic trip. There were a lot of valuable add-ons, but Costco's price still came out a couple of hundred dollars lower than other cruise sites. When we checked, a Costco "savor and spa" cruise aboard Anthem of the Seas offered similar value. The Kirkland Signature and Buyer's Choice promotions usually require booking specific cabin types. For example, this offer only applied to seven specific cabin classes. These types of added-amenity offers are not exclusive to Costco; other large travel agencies can and do offer their own packages, which might come out lower than Costco's pricing for a specific cruise.

    It's always beneficial to do your research and compare prices. Bottom line: It pays to shop around. If you're new to cruising or unsure of what you want, Costco might not be the best travel agency for you. Many of their reps have not even been on a cruise.